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Doindian is a site which works for all Indian artists. We min's doindian try to find out all the deprived artists to give a platform to them. Our goal is not only to earn money but we would like to achieve new goals in the field of e-commerce. We would like to honour poor Indian artists. This honour would not necessarily be in the form of some prize or words, but they should be able to earn respectfully and have social dignity. Doindian is therefore working on this line as their social responsibility. doindian is a new organisation in this field and our mode of working also may not be well organised like established firms, but the decisions taken by humble mind and good intentions would lead to gain self-respect and independence in our work. We are prepared to work hard to achieve our goals. let's do indian self dependent. thanks for visiting doindian. DOINDIAN!!! Doindian !! doindian!!!

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